Embedded World 2018

See Crank Software at
Embedded World 2018, February 27 - March 1

Check out demos and talk to us about
the latest features for embedded GUI
developers in Storyboard Suite.

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UI Design and Development

Storyboard allows designers and developers to
work collaboratively, yet independently,
from concept to implementation.

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Develop Once. Run Everywhere.

Storyboard Suite speeds the development process, bringing
design and code together with the ability to
create protoypes in just minutes.

No sacrifices, just results.

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Prototype, Mobile, Embedded

One tool for quickly designing and developing
applications for multi-market embedded devices.

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UI Development Tool and Engine

Crank Storyboard enables R&D teams and UI Designers
to quickly and collaboratively develop rich animated user
interfaces for resource-constrained embedded devices.

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Storyboard 5.0 new features and refined functionality

Storyboard supports designers and engineers equally, providing an intuitive workflow and rich functionality

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Design process isn't linear, so the design tools shouldn't be either. Storyboard supports design iteration with features like Photoshop re-import, making it seamless to update artwork without impacting functionality or code

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Storyboard enables design teams to deploy their applications to a car, medical device, smart watch, or even a washing machine. With multiple OS and platform support, Storyboard easily scales hardware and markets

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Storyboard Engine takes advantage of the underlying capabilities for each platform to increase performance on the target hardware.

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