A Career with Crank Software

Careers @Crank

We're always on the lookout for talented individuals who have a passion for solving interesting problems and creating great software, so if you're interested and nothing here seems to fit your skillset, drop us a line and tell us why we should have a position for you.

If you have experience in one or more of the areas listed below, and you are interested in exploring a position, crank out your resume to us via email at careers@cranksoftware.com.


C++/C HTML (Blink/WebKit) and JavaScript (V8/JSC) Engine Developer

Our customers use Crank's Storyboard Suite in conjunction with various HTML rendering technologies such as Blink/V8 (www.chromium.org/blink) and WebKit/JSC (www.webkit.org) to provide engaging and interactive user interfaces for their products.

We are looking for a strong C++ (and C) programmer/software developer. If Scott Meyers is your hero, then give us a call ... heck if you even know who Scott Meyers is, give us a call anyway!

We are looking for candidates who can rock the following:

  • Optimizing software for CPU and memory constrained environments turns your Crank ... because it certainly turns ours!
  • You are comfortable working in multiple languages (C++/C/Python/..) and operating systems (Linux/Windows/Mac) and dig seeing how JavaScript works under the covers.
  • You have keen Interest in engaging with a community of OpenSource developers on a variety of web related projects.

Above all we are looking for energetic individuals who are excited about learning and working with new technologies.

Our team provides a unique opportunity to work with a small team on a diverse number of projects with customers in automotive, consumer and medical industries.


Test and Validation Software Developer

Crank is looking for a software developer with a passion for building software automation frameworks to exercise all aspects of Crank Software's product portfolio.

Technologies you will be working with include:

  • Buildbot (www.buildbot.org) Python based continuous build infrastructure. Builds at Crank run around the clock and we want all of our testing to run that way too!
  • JUnit Java test framework drives all of our Eclipse based Designer plugins.
  • Custom in-house C/C++ test frameworks for the Storyboard product that check the sanity, performance and functional aspirations of our flagship product.
  • Embedded hardware and their associated operating systems. We validate on hardware platforms from Atmel, Freescale, NXP, Renesas, TI and many others.
  • HTML5 and evolving web technologies. The Storyboard Browser validation testing framework tracks the work done on testing the Blink and WebKit engines and ensures stability within the Storyboard environment.

Above all we are looking for energetic individuals who are excited about working with a team that is Crank'ed about continuously improving software quality.


Software Developer -- Junior Programmer/New Graduate

Come to Crank and learn to write awesome code in the real world!

Our Storyboard product allows clients to build and deploy graphical solutions straight from a graphic designer's desktop down to an embedded device.

We are looking for software developers who can work in, or quickly pick up, C/C++/Java as well as scripting languages like Python/JavaScript/Lua.

  • If you like the nuts and bolts of embedded development and want to work more closely on core graphic primitives and embedded software architecture and design, then our Storyboard Engine team might be the place for you.
  • If the world of HTML and JavaScript-based browser development intrigues you, then our Blink/WebKit development team is the spot for you to learn exactly what goes on in a high performance web browser engine.
  • If you are interested in user interface design and high level application development then we have openings on our Storyboard Designer team where you will use the Java and the Eclipse platform to create a world class application development environment.
  • If you have recently graduated and like to program and build stuff, then drop us your resume. We have a lot of interesting challenges to solve!