Crank is looking for analytical-minded software developers who enjoy problem solving and have an aptitude for taking multiple technologies and joining them together to create a whole that is more than the sum of its parts.

As a key part of the product development team, you will be responsible for developing our automated test infrastructure for the Storyboard Suite product. This involves working with embedded systems running many different operating systems, including, but not limited to, Linux, QNX, and WinCE. In addition to operating system configuration, you will develop a familiarity with graphics systems, such as OpenGL, and input configuration systems like Tslib.

Storyboard's testing framework exercises both performance and quality metrics for our product and successful candidates will be involved with enhancing and expanding the web-based result presentation and analysis tooling.

If this sounds interesting (It does, doesn't it!?), check out some of the other skills we believe will help you in this role:

  • A sound understanding of embedded Linux configuration and build mechanics. There are just so many flavours of Linux and so little time! We don't always use Linux, but we seem to build it more than QNX, WinCE, FreeRTOS, UCOS, or any of the other embedded operating systems we support
  • Ability to script maintainable solutions in Python. Python is the glue that holds our test and build automation together. Have you heard of buildbot? That's what we use to drive our build test awesomeness
  • Familiarity with C. If malloc is a word that makes sense to you and you naturally pair it with free, then you've got enough C smarts to be effective extending our Storyboard Engine plugins that we use for testing
  • Web "stuff" doesn't scare you. We need a way to pull results out of databases and then pump them back to the user. We use a bit of PHP, a touch of Python, and some client-side JavaScript just for good measure. If you have an idea of how all that would come together, you're good to go!
  • Making things better gets you up in the morning and keeps you going all day long. Project build and test automation is an art form and we appreciate the developers who make it happen. Sometimes, you even get free pizza!

Still reading? Then drop an e-mail with your resume and your background and let us know how you can help us solve the gnarly problem of too many embedded targets and not enough time!