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Achieve 30 frames of animation per second, use 30-80% less CPU

Manufacturers of medical devices understand the critical need for high performance visual data and rapidly-responding systems. Medical professionals and patients are relying on you to get it right; getting it right means removing a number of obstacles. 


  • Delivering superior imaging capabilities on resource-constrained embedded devices
  • Decreasing and managing power consumption
  • Accelerating the pace of new product development (e.g. achieving market windows)
  • Delivering a superior and intuitive user experience (UX) so that users are not intimidated by the technology (e.g. competitive differentiation)
  • Reducing costs (e.g. achieving a higher return on investment)


ImageHow does Crank Storyboard Suite help manufacturers of medical instruments?


The Crank Storyboard™ Suite is comprised of two modules that form a UI development optimization solution for developers of products that require an embedded dynamic graphical display for resource-constrained devices.



Technical Advantages

  • Crank Storyboard Embedded Engine is native-UI technology, which delivers 30 frames of animation per second on resource-constrained hardware. 
  • Memory requirements scale to your needs. Expect about 200-500K depending on the profile plus the sum of all of the grapical assets on the current displayed screen. Minimizes impact on bill of materials (BOM).
  • GPU hardware optimized
  • Embedded Engine uses approximately 30-80% less CPU. It understands CPU usage, memory utilization, graphical display depth, hard offloading, embedded architecture, and communication optimized hardware. Embedded Engine utilizes the hardware to increase the performance and capabilities. An example of this is a slide from one screen to anotherit can be done using the hardware layers found on most ARM processors and allows for smooth screen transitions with next to no CPU usage and zero dropped frames.
  • Decreases development time because the UI designers and embedded systems engineers work in parallel as opposed to an iterative approach. Working in parallel enables UI designers to do what they do best, and enables engineers to do what they do best. The end result: the best possible graphical display that delivers on the goal of a superior and intuitive user experience (UX).
  • Clean design, clean architecture, and drag-and-drop functionality
  • Runtime buyout license
  • The OS-agnostic Embedded Engine supports any hardware your OS supports 

Business Advantages

  • Delivers competitive advantage
  • Accelerates time to market
  • Achieves a high ROI
  • Achieves a low TCO