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"... verify the UI experience
and usability in a touch 
environment before target
hardware is available."





Storyboard Embedded Engine for the Android platform enables customers to verify the UI experience and usability in a touch environment before target hardware is available. Having a physical environment to test an application on before final OS and hardware decisions have been made assist in getting customer products to market quicker. Customers are able to walk through the UI to make sure it conforms to product specifications and also gives them a heads up to areas that might of made sense on paper but now, that they are able to try the UI on a physical product, might not. Many of the UI or UX issues can be brought to the surface and resolved so that once the OS and hardware has been finalized, customers can focus on the platform specific issues feeling confident that the UI component of the project has already been well tested.



Photoshop to Android APK with Storyboard

This video to demonstrates how to create an application in Storyboard from a Photoshop file and export it to the Android platform.  




Sample Android Applications

Here are a couple of samples for you to quickly try Storyboard on Android. On an Android 2.3 or above tablet, click the sample you want to try and you will be prompted to install to the device.


Storyboard Demo

The Storyboard demo is a great example demonstrating the use of 3D and 2D content along with animations.








The Thermostat demo is a fun example of using different types of user input.








The Calorie demo demonstrates user input, calculations using the input data, and visual presentation of the data.





Download a Storyboard Evaluation