Come to Crank and learn to write awesome code in the real world!

Our Storyboard product allows clients to build and deploy graphical solutions straight from a graphic designer's desktop down to an embedded device.

We are looking for software developers who can work in, or quickly pick up, C/C++/Java as well as scripting languages like Python/JavaScript/Lua.

  • If you like the nuts and bolts of embedded development and want to work more closely on core graphic primitives and embedded software architecture and design, then our Storyboard Engine team might be the place for you.
  • If the world of HTML and JavaScript-based browser development intrigues you, then our Blink/WebKit development team is the spot for you to learn exactly what goes on in a high performance web browser engine.
  • If you are interested in user interface design and high level application development then we have openings on our Storyboard Designer team where you will use the Java and the Eclipse platform to create a world class application development environment.
  • If you have recently graduated and like to program and build stuff, then drop us your resume. We have a lot of interesting challenges to solve!

If you are interested and want to learn more, drop an email to and we'll start a conversation!