Storyboard Software Updates

Storyboard Suite minor updates are provided through a software update installer within Storyboard Designer.

When Storyboard Designer starts, it automatically checks for updates and again every four hours while running. Users can also force a check for updates from within Storyboard Designer by selecting Help > Check for Updates from the main menu. If an update exists you will be notified to apply it and a wizard will guide you through the download and installation process.

Updates won't take effect until you restart Storyboard Designer.

Major updates are provided as a separate stand-alone installer. It is not recommended to install new versions of Storyboard on top of each other as there may be a number of file conflicts leading to instability. Install Storyboard versions to separate directories. You can install and run multiple versions of Storyboard on a system at the same time.

Compatibility with Previous Versions

Projects created with older versions of Storyboard Designer can be used directly with newer versions of Storyboard Designer, but may require additional import steps to update to the newer version. When migrating to new versions of Storyboard Suite save and archive a snapshot of the project if you plan to update it with an older Storyboard Designer environment.

  • Storyboard Designer 5.x imports Storyboard Designer projects from Storyboard 4.x. To work with earlier projects within Storyboard Designer 5.x, use any Storyboard Designer 4.x to first convert the project before using it with Storyboard Designer 5.x.

  • Storyboard Designer version 4.x and earlier imports Storyboard Designer projects from Storyboard 1.x, 2.x and 3.x based projects and converts them automatically to the new design file format established with Storyboard 4.0.

To use a Storyboard project from an earlier release than it was created (e.g., using a version 4.x project with a version 3.x environment), the best approach is to 'back migrate' the project using a Storyboard Engine export and then a Storyboard Engine import. The export to a Storyboard Engine creates a runtime file (*.gapp) from the design file (*.gde). The Storyboard Engine file contains only the information required to run the application and does not contain all of the design material (such as notes and unused layers) so that content will be lost. Features that are not present or used by the older Storyboard version will be lost on import since it is not possible to use them with an older environment.