Chapter 36. Atmel

Table of Contents

Demo Details
SAMA5D2 with 7 inch Display
Demo Details
Copying Image to an SD Card - Linux
Creating an Image - Windows
Running the Image

Experience multi-market demo applications built with Storyboard Suite on your favorite Atmel platform. Crank Software demo images showcase Storyboard's design and development capabilities and the application potential of popular platforms. Download the demo image that corresponds with your hardware, which includes everything you need to get and up and running in minutes.


Demo Details

Image Name: CrankSoftware_Demo_sama5d2xplained.sdcard

Board: SAMA5D2 Xplained

Display: PDA TM4300B

Rendering Technology: Framebuffer

Demo Resolution: 480 x 272

Operating System: Linux

This demo image includes the following demos:

  • IoT - Home Automation

  • White Goods

  • Medical