Storyboard Designer

The Storyboard Suite 5.0 release includes new features, stability and performance enhancements. Storyboard 5.0 will automatically convert Storyboard 4.x and earlier workspaces and project files. Once converted to Storyboard 5.0 format, Storyboard projects are no longer compatible with Storyboard 4 and earlier projects.



Storyboard Designer is now based on the Eclipse Framework NEON 4.6

Lua Editor

Code completion for mapargs standard arguments in Lua editor.


Storyboard Designer has been switched from a 32 bit application to 64 bit on all hosted platforms.

Standalone EXE export

A stand-alone launcher that includes a Storyboard runtime and a Storyboard application can now be exported from Storyboard Deisgner.

Single Model File

Storyboard Designer gives the option to export your Storyboard application as a single file for added security on the target. This file is a single ZIP compressed file that includes the model (gapp) file and all of its assets (images, fonts, scripts etc)


Templates have been rebranded and are now called Components. New look, same great taste :)

SCP For Target Application Deployment

Export a Storyboard Application directly to a target from within Storyboard Designer.

Locking of Storyboard Designer Elements

Now have the ability to lock Storyboard Elements so they can not be moved or their properties changed.

Storyboard Canvas Plugin

The canvas plugin offers a programmatic way to perform a series of drawing operations without having to deal with all the setup of cloned dynamic render extensions.

Custom Animation Tweens

Users will be able to provide their own Lua function to implement specialized animation rates.

Newlines in Text Properties Panel

Support for CTRL+ENTER to automatically insert a newline has been added to the UI creator.

Known Issues

Linux x64 Installer

Users of 32 bit Linux will need to download 64 bit libraries to run the installer.

Require Mac OS X 10.8 or greater

Storyboard Designer requires Mac OS X 10.8 or greater due to the requirement by the Java 8 runtime from Oracle.

Resource Cleanup tool

Images that are not referenced directly, but are pulled in at runtime-based on a Lua script action, will not be identified as used by the Resource Cleanup wizard and may be removed accidentally.