Storyboard Engine

Storyboard Engine continues to move forward with the goal of providing our customers with a broad list of supported targets.



ffmpeg is now the generic video player for Storyboard cross platform.


Multisampling is now turned off by default unless there is a 3D model contained in the Storyboard application.

Known Issues

OpenGL on Windows

A recent Windows update of the driver for Intel based graphics chips to version (2016-12-16) will prevent the Storyboard OpenGLES 2.0 runtime from running correctly. You can roll back the update or if you have a hybrid card, try using the discrete graphics processor instead of the integrated graphics processor.

Texture Memory

"ERROR (1):ERROR: 505 : create_image_texture@2791" relates to running out of texture memory. Since the texture is purged when the image resource gets released you can use the resource manager "image" pool size option, i.e sbengine -oresource_mgr,image=4096 your_app.gapp, to get around this issue. This option enables you to manually set the image pool size. (By default sbengine will use all available memory) When the image pool size is reached, older images are released to create room for newer images.

3D Layer Rotation

3D layer rotation does not respect alpha. When a 3D layer, that has transparency, is rotated it gets rendered with a white fill.


9-Patch images currently can't be rotated.

Linux Wayland Runtimes

The Linux Wayland runtimes do not support keyboards.

Flickering Graphics

Using the Yocto Jethro Linux kernel (3.14) with the boundary devices branch for the nitrogen6x you might encounter flickering graphics. If so, executing the following line resolves the issue ... echo 10 >/sys/devices/soc0/backlight_lvds0.17/backlight/backlight_lvds0.17/brightness