Storyboard Designer

The Storyboard Suite 5.2 release includes new features, stability and performance enhancements. Storyboard 5.2 will automatically convert Storyboard 4.x and earlier workspaces and project files. Once converted to Storyboard 5.2 format, Storyboard projects are no longer compatible with Storyboard 4 and earlier projects.


Rich Text Render Extension

Richer text display capability to allow light text formatting (different fonts, size, colors)

Storyboard Connector

A new view in Storyboard Designer allows users to select external events , and generate them from within Designer to a running simulation.

Adobe Artboards

Artboards can now be imported directly into Storyboard Designer as screens.

PSD Reimport Comparison

The reimport will now show both the new image render extension and the old fill render extension in the comparison view. The user will have the choice to keep both or pick one or the other.

Command Line Export Support

Export configurations can now be triggered from the command line.

Exporting Large Projects

Large project exporting has been optimized for speed.

Unused Variables

When unused variables or unresolvable variables are detected, they are now highlighted with a warning marker in the Application View and show up as markers in the Problems View.

Internal Variables

Internal variables that are tied to an event are now displayed in the variables list without having the specific filter selected.

History View

Storyboard Designer now has a history view that allows insight into the undo/redo command stack.

Custom Event Editor

Custom user events now have an advanced editor of their own that offers tighter integration with the Storyboard Connector view and allows direct export to C/C++ header files.

Storyboard Search

When a GDE model file is open in the background, Storyboard search can now take place in the context of the LUA editor.

Known Issues


Ubuntu 17.10 now uses Wayland as it's default compositor. The Eclipse version that serves as the framework for Storyboard Designer has some issues with Wayland. There are rendering issues when Storyboard Designer first comes up, and it will crash fairly quickly after starting with a "No more handles" error. To work around this, start Ubuntu with the Ubuntu Xorg configuration. To launch this configuration, click your username. Select the gear icon that is displayed below the password box, and then select "Ubuntu xorg". This will start the UI without using Wayland.

3D Model Axis

The 3D model's axis no longer shows up in the direct editing mode.

Designer Notes

HTML generated designer notes cannot be viewed within the Linux version of Storyboard Designer.

3D Control/Layer Rotation

In Storyboard Designer, when a control/layer with transparency is rotated, it is rendered with a white fill.